Vroni von Manz (*1991) lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. She is an autodidact painter and illustrator. Her works vary from commissioned work for food producers and gastronomes to freelance art. Several pieces are done in fine humorous ink lines, others strike in expression due to the ignorant use of intense oil and oil-pastel colors. People and objects come to life during her process of painting, not knowing who they are and where they will end up.

Her style is brutally expressive as well as being exquisite, sensitive and detailed. With an extraordinary eye for the sometimes alien-looking body and all its absurdity, her images can be relentlessly honest, but also full of fragility and vulnerability. The illustrations are compelling in their humor and sarcasm; they are direct and sincere. While her still lives are often an opposite force to the artist’s vivid and expressive personality.



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If you are interested in one of the original works or want to commission a piece, we can make a personal appointment here in my studio in Zurich or communicate via phone or email.

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